Executive Board and Officers

The Executive Committee consists of the District Officers, the two most immediate Past Governors, and the JOOI Governor as a non-voting member.  The District may delegate, subject to the limitations imposed by these policies and Optimist International Bylaws, the powers of the District Board of Directors to the District Executive Committee.  Duties of the Executive Committee are outlined in Optimist International Bylaws, Article VII.

Name Position
Avery, Evelyn Zone 4 - Lt. Gov.
Barckholtz, Pamela Zone 11 - Lt. Gov.
Brooks, Linda Region 4 - Asst. Gov
Diechman, Louis Region 2 - Asst. Gov
photo Foster, Monetta Governor
Hardy, Ron Zone 12 - Lt. Gov.
Huston, James Zone 17 - Lt. Gov.
Ingersoll, Nicole Zone 5 - Lt. Gov.
photo Jarratt, Theresa Governor-Elect
Longhway, Thomas Region 3 - Asst. Gov
Margo, Nick Zone 2 - Lt. Gov.
Moore, Maureen Zone 16 - Lt. Gov.
Munter, Don Secretary-Treasurer
Murphy, Michael Zone 9 - Lt. Gov.
Paul, Richard Zone 15 - Lt. Gov.
Robinson, Reginald Zone 13 - Lt. Gov.
Snyder, Charles Zone 1 - Lt. Gov
Stroik, Jerry Region 1 Asst. Gov.
photo Sucher, Steve Immediate Past Governor

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