Candidate Qualifications


The selection of capable and willing District officers each year is the most important step a District takes toward assuring continued growth and progress. Competent leadership at the District level is vital not only for the District, but for Optimist International as a whole.

The ultimate choice, of course, is made by the Clubs, since the Governor-Elect and Lieutenant Governors are elected by vote of Club representatives at District meetings. The purpose of the District Candidate Qualifications Committee is to insure the Clubs select from the best possible candidates for each office.

The Candidate Qualifications Committee is responsible for interviewing all potential candidates for the position of Governor Elect.  The successful candidate will move on to become the District Governor following the completion of the Optimist year they are elected.  The only mandatory qualification for the Governor Elect position is to have served as a Lieutenant Governor. The impact of Governor Elect position on the performance and achievements of our District mandates that we carefully choose those who are the best qualified to lead the Michigan District. Therefore, the need for, and importance of this committee is to ensure that anyone aspiring to the position as Governor is well qualified for the position. Potential candidates can submit a letter of their interest and candidacy , along with their Optimist resume of accomplishments, to the Immediate Past Governor by April 1 of the Optimist year. 

The following resouces are available: