District Policies




This is why we exist:
The purpose of the Michigan District is to function as an administrative division of Optimist International in furtherance of the purposes of Optimist International Bylaws and Policies as established by the International Board of Directors.  The Michigan District shall provide service and support to the Clubs for the purpose of enhancing growth, participation, administration and youth service.


To be the premier provider of support and leadership to Michigan Optimist Clubs through strategic relationships, education, mentoring, resources, marketing and effective and timely communication.


As a part of Optimist International, a worldwide volunteer organization made up of thousands of Optimist Clubs, our Members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves.


We consider these our few essential tenets.

  • Optimism
  • Leadership
  • Hope
  • Support
  • Achievement

In this document the word “District” will imply “Michigan District Optimist.”

Table of Contents


The  District  shall  adopt a set  of  operating  policies authorized by the International  Board  of  Directors, which will cover the items necessary to administer  the  District.  Suggested policy revisions shall be made annually by the District Governance Committee at the third quarter conference to the Executive Committee as an informational item.  Suggested policies shall be published on the District website, at a minimum of 30 days prior to the fourth quarter, District Convention.  All suggested policy revisions must be approved by the District Delegates at the fourth quarter District Convention to qualify as adoptable.

Once adopted, a newly revised set of operating policies shall be distributed by the District Secretary/Treasurer to Optimist International, and to the Governor-Designate for incorporation into the District Directory, effective October 1st following the District Convention.


The District Officers shall be the Governor, Governor-Elect, Secretary- Treasurer, the Lieutenant Governors and Assistants to the Governor.  To be elected to serve as Governor-Elect of the District, one must have served as a Club President and majority of a full term as Lieutenant Governor, or is currently serving a majority of a full term as a Lieutenant Governor.  In the event that a qualified candidate cannot be identified by the Candidate Qualifications Committee by the fourth quarter District Convention, a Special Convention meeting shall be convened at the first quarter District Conference by the immediate Past Governor of the District.  If no qualified candidate is found by the first quarter conference, the immediate or most recent Past Governor shall be reinstalled.  The District Officers for the forthcoming administrative year are installed by the appointed representative of Optimist International at the annual District Convention.

The Lieutenant Governors shall be elected by their Zones at a Zone meeting held prior to the District 3rd Quarter Meeting.


The District Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the District, the two Immediate Past Governors, and the President of each Club.  In the absence of the President of a club, a delegate from the club would be allowed to speak and act on behalf of the President, in the conduct of business coming before the Board of Directors.  The JOOI Governor shall serve as a non-voting member of the District Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is installed for each administrative year at the District’s first quarter meeting by the appointed representative of Optimist International, or their Designee.

The Board of Directors shall delegate authority to the District Executive Committee to oversee the operation of the District, and will assemble once per year, at the convention, to renew this provision.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the District Officers, the two most immediate Past Governors, and the JOOI Governor as a non-voting member.  The District may delegate, subject to the limitations imposed by these policies and Optimist International Bylaws, the powers of the District Board of Directors to the District Executive Committee.  Duties of the Executive Committee are outlined in Optimist International Bylaws, Article VII.


Assistant(s) to the Governor may be appointed for one year by the Governor-Elect, and shall not number more than four.  Only those members who have served as a Lieutenant Governor may be appointed as Assistant to the Governor.  The duties of an Assistant to the Governor will be to act as a liaison between a certain number of Lieutenant Governors and the Governor, to attend all District Executive Committee Meetings, as well as the annual convention and perform such other duties as requested by the Governor.


Pursuant to Optimist International Bylaws, the number and boundaries of Zones, for any administrative year, is subject to revision, and shall be approved by the Executive Committee at the third quarter District meeting upon presentation by the Governor-Elect for the next administrative year.

Such revisions shall be submitted to the Governor not less than 30 days prior to said meeting.  New clubs shall, as practical, be assigned to the zones in which their parent clubs reside for at least one, but not more than two administrative years.  The Lieutenant Governor of the zone in which the new club will ultimately belong shall monitor the progress of the club along with the presiding Lieutenant Governor.


The District Board of Directors shall establish in its District Policies, such committees as it deems appropriate to carry out the administration of the District.  At a minimum, those committees shall include Finance*, Membership, New Club Building, Leadership Development, Club Fitness Advisors*, Youth/JOOI clubs, Marketing, Governance*, Candidate Qualifications*, Long Range Planning*, and Meetings/Conventions.  The incoming Governor shall appoint the chairpersons and required number of members of all committees, and shall announce such appointments not later than October 1 following his/her election.


In an effort to utilize the experience and knowledge Past Governors have to offer, they are encouraged to make themselves available as requested by the Governor or other District Officers for advice and counsel.  They are encouraged to  attend Zone meetings, to offer their services as guest speakers at club and zone meetings, and to assist in mentoring first timers in the methods of the District at these meetings.

Past Governors shall take a proactive role in identifying and counseling Optimists, particularly in their own clubs and zones, who show potential and/or interest in future District involvement.


The Governor-Elect shall automatically become Governor on 1 October of the year following the year in which he/she was elected Governor-Elect. Following the District convention, the Governor-Elect shall be known as the Governor-Designate.


The Governor-Elect shall be elected at the annual convention or a special duly called convention by a majority vote of the votes cast of the accredited delegates present and voting at the time of the election. The Governor-Elect shall not serve in any other elective office in the same year he/she is Governor-Elect. 


The District Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed for a term of one year by the Governor-Elect. The appointment of the Secretary-Treasurer designate shall be confirmed by the District’s Board of Directors, and shall take office 1 October next following confirmation. 


For good cause or upon death, resignation or incapacitation of any elected or appointed officers or any officer-designate of the District, or in the event of the failure of any officer to carry out the duties of the office, the incumbent District Executve Commitee may declare said office vacant and shall select a successor to fill the remainder of the term. Should the Immediate Past Governor(s) be unable to serve as members of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, the next Immediate Past Governor shall automatically become a member of the Executive Commitee and Board of Directors in his/her place and stead. The foregoing shall apply to any individual who has been elected or appointed to office but for any reason does not assume or carry out the du6es of the office. 


At the beginning of each administrative year, a district directory shall be published in paper and/or electronic form containing contact information for all District Officers, Committee Chairs, Club Presidents, and Secretary/Treasurers.  Included in the directory shall be a copy of District Policies and the dates and locations of all District meetings and conferences for the administrative year.

The District administration may publish a bulletin under the direction of the Governor.  Costs, frequency, and distribution shall be established by the district administration each year according to budgetary provisions.

The District web site has been designed as a communication tool to offer updated information about the District, including District Publications, and referencing the Optimist International web site.  The Web Master is appointed by the Governor each administrative year, and every effort will be made to maintain consistency in the administration and upkeep of the District web site.

While we provide links to club’s websites, the District does not accept responsibility for information contained on a club’s web site.


The District shall provide official lapel insignia for all District Officers to be presented at the time of their installation.  Such insignia may or may not be returned to the District Secretary/Treasurer at the end of the administrative year.  As permitted in the budget, the District may also purchase past District Officer's insignia to all retiring District Officers.


The official District Logo shall include an outline of the Lower Peninsula as the State of Michigan with the Optimist International logo.  The logo may appear on all District correspondence, directories, or other items as approve by the Executive Committee, with the addition of the words “Optimist International”.


Dates and programs for the charter presentation events of new clubs shall be established by joint action of the new club, the sponsor club, and the District administration.  The Governor or his/her appointee shall present the charter.  In the event of a charter presentation occurring after the end of the administrative year in which the club was established, the Immediate Past Governor shall have the prerogative of presenting he charter.

The district administration shall provide each new club with a complimentary club banner, bell and gavel to be purchased from the provider designated by Optimist International, as budgeted by the District.


A conflict of interest shall exist when a member of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, or any District committee would stand to personally benefit financially from any transaction brought before that body for approval.  Said member shall notify the Finance Committee in writing of such conflict immediately upon its discovery.  Any transaction not made in good faith and with the good of the District and its mission at its core, shall be declared null and void.


All District Directories and Mailing Lists of Optimist International Club members are records that should be held in trust.  Their use for commercial or solicitation purposes shall be denied to all.  Exceptions must be made in writing to the District Board of Directors.  Upon Board acceptance, the District Governor shall submit in writing said request(s) to the International Board of Directors in compliance with International Policy I-33.  At no time shall access to District or Club directories be made available through unsecured access.


The Executive Committee shall appoint a historian who shall keep the records, including all minutes of the District Executive Committee and Board of Directors in cooperation with the District Secretary/Treasurer, and information on the District activities of the past.  Historical information will be available to assist Governors in their planning to provide consistency in meetings and conferences.

B. – Meetings


District meetings should provide an effective means to support the viability of Optimist Clubs within the District, and provide opportunities to enhance the personal growth of Optimist members.  District meetings also provide the principal forum for conducting the business of the District


District meetings and conferences shall be planned and conducted by the administration.  The administration will invite and encourage attendance of all members, especially District Officers and Committee Chairpersons, Club Officers, and Club Committee Chairpersons.  All district meetings and conferences will be budgeted and conducted by the administration on a break-even basis-that is to say, at the end of the Optimist fiscal year (September 30), all monies taken in by all the District conferences and meetings, shall not exceed the expenses of those same meetings for the year's total receipts versus expenses, (within a reasonable margin).  The District Secretary-Treasurer may pay deposits as necessary for facility reservations for future district meetings.

The third quarter meeting shall include the introduction of Lieutenant Governors for the ensuing year and the district oratorical finals.

Training at district meetings will be facilitated by district officers, committee persons, Certified International Trainers, Certified Club/District Trainers, Certified Club Builders, and outside faculty as appropriate.


All Lieutenant Governors are responsible for conducting zone meetings each quarter of the administrative year, and notice of each meeting shall be sent to the President and Secretary-Treasurer of each club in the zone not less than 30 days prior.  An invitation shall also be sent to the Governor and District Secretary-Treasurer.  The Lieutenant Governor shall be responsible for the preparation and distribution of each zone meeting program, and the completion and filing of a report on each meeting using the form provided by Optimist International.


The District Executive Committee will meet quarterly.  The committee may also meet at the call of a majority of its members or the district Governor.  Meetings may be held in-person, by teleconference, or e-mail. However, any decisions made during teleconference calls or by e-mail, must be placed on the agenda for the next subsequent meeting, and the actions as a result of such teleconference or e-mail communication affirmed therein so it may appear in the official record.


The District Board of Directors will not be required to meet during the administrative year other than to assemble at the annual District Convention for the purpose of delegating responsibility for the oversight of district business to the Executive Committee.


The annual district convention shall be planned and conducted by the administration for the purpose of achieving the following core objectives:

  • To inspire and celebrate the success of members and clubs in the current year
  • To prepare the following year’s club and district officers and committee persons
  • To conduct the business of the delegates
  • To conduct business of the board of directors (policy A4), reaffirming delegation of duties to the executive committee.
  • The convention will be budgeted by the administration on a break-even basis, in accordance with B2 of these policies.

The incumbent Governor, Governor-designate, Secretary-Treasurer, Immediate Past Governor, and Past Governor, as designated by the Executive Committee, as well as the Optimist International representative, shall receive complimentary convention registration and such shall be provided for in the district convention budget.


It shall be the responsibility of the District Secretary-Treasurer to keep accurate minutes of all meetings of the district executive committee, the district board of directors, and annual district convention, and to provide a copy of such minutes to members of the District Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Optimist International, District Historian, and others as appropriate.  Such minutes are to be distributed not later than the following district meeting.


The method and means of voting at convention shall be established by the District Executive Committee.  Convention rules shall be adopted by a majority vote (of those present) during the first business session of each convention; but may be suspended, rescinded or amended after their adoption by a two-thirds vote.  A quorum of any district convention shall consist of a majority of accredited delegates.  (OI Bylaws Article VII, Section 4.)

The convention shall be composed of registered Optimist delegates as set forth in the Optimist International Bylaws.  To be accredited by the credentials committee and eligible to vote on convention business, delegates must have registered at the convention, paid the registration fee, and produced such credentials as may be required by the Executive Committee. The number of accredited delegates of a club shall not exceed the voting strength of the club.  Club voting strength will be based on one vote for each ten members.

Roberts’ Rules of Order shall govern the convention proceedings in all cases not governed by the Constitution and Bylaws and these convention rules.

All voting shall be voice, hand, or rising vote at the discretion of the chair, unless a ballot or roll call vote is ordered by a majority vote of the accredited delegates.  (In the event a vote by ballot is ordered, the chair shall appoint a committee of tellers and name its chairperson.  At the conclusion of the balloting the tellers shall certify the tabulated result in writing to the chair. If the balloting has been conducted for the purpose of electing an officer, the chair shall announce the name of the winner only, and then entertain a motion to destroy the ballots.)  Accredited delegates from each club shall select a chairperson who shall cast the votes of the club’s delegation on any convention business requiring a vote by written ballot or roll call.


It shall be the policy of the district administration to display at all district meetings and at the annual convention the appropriate national flags, district  banners, and the Optimist Creed banner in the podium area of the same room in which business is being  conducted.  The district will also encourage clubs to bring their banners for display at the meetings and convention.


In keeping with the policy of Optimist International to provide an official International representative to the first quarter district meeting and the annual district convention, the Governor shall issue an invitation to such individuals as soon as their identity is established.  Courtesies traditionally provided to the International President, including complimentary accommodations and registration, and a suitable gift or memento not to exceed a cost of $200, shall be provided to such International representative.


The agenda at district meetings, including but not limited to the Executive Committee meeting, Convention, and general membership meetings, will include the opportunity for a brief invocation and recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and if a foreign dignitary is in attendance, a TOAST to their country.  If there is an invocation, it must be universal and sensitive to

The diversity of our membership, containing no language that intentionally or inherently promotes or excludes anyone on the basis of race, religion, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or political preference.


All funds solicited and raised during any Michigan District conference or convention shall exclusively benefit any of the following organizations: 
    1)  Optimist International Foundation (OIF) 

    2)  Optimist Interna6onal Childhood Cancer Campaign (CCC) 

    3)  Any District Fundraiser approved by Optimist International 

This policy in no manner disallows information sharing, publicizing or promoting Club projects at District events in the exposition area. These efforts are not to be a distraction to, or a disruption of, conducting the business of the District. 


A memorial service shall be held at the district convention to commemorate Optimists deceased during the current administration.  Such service is usually conducted by the Immediate Past Governor, with care being given to present a service that is non-denominational in deference to the diversity of faiths present in our membership.


C1.  Purpose

The purpose of the finance committee is to provide the Executive Committee and Board of Directors with an independent opinion on the appropriateness of the budget and spending on a quarterly basis (at or in advance of any Executive Meeting or Convention.)  The finance committee also oversees the annual accounting review and acts as a ‘check and balance’ to the Treasurer/Governor’s spending.


There shall be a three-member rotating committee, as provided for in the Optimist International Bylaws, which states that the Governor shall appoint a person of leadership and ability to serve on this committee for a three-year term and that the Governor shall also fill vacancies as may occur on said committee for the uncompleted term.

The Governor-designate and secretary/treasurer-designate, in consultation with, review of and final approval by the finance committee, shall prepare a proposed balanced budget for submission to the incoming board of directors for approval at the first board meeting of the new administrative year. All budgets shall employ the standard district chart of accounts, account numbers, definitions, and required supplements established by Optimist International.

The finance committee must consider all proposed revisions and proposals for expenditures not previously budgeted or approved, and shall make recommendations in writing thereon to the executive committee.

The finance committee shall exercise advisory supervision over all financial transactions and district financial records, and shall:

Oversee the preparation and timely filing of all financial reports as may be required by the executive committee and/or Optimist International.

An annual review of the books and accounts as of September 30 shall be performed by and independent Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Managerial Accountant, a Certified General Accountant, a Chartered Accountant, or a review committee, and a report shall be submitted to the finance committee no later than December 31 of each year.  The finance committee will review the report and submit a summary of the report to the executive committee at their next meeting.  The review shall be submitted to Optimist International as required.  The finance committee will insure that the IRS Form 990 has been prepared and has been submitted as required by law.  Should the Secretary/treasurer be unable to complete his or her duties towards preparing the records for the annual review and the IRS records in a timely fashion as prescribed by law, the finance committee, with the assistance of the Immediate Past Governor, shall complete these duties.

Supervise the orderly transfer of all pertinent district records and funds from each administration to its successor no later than December 31st.

Meet with the district secretary/treasurer and the Governor on a quarterly basis to review all financial transactions that have occurred as well as the financial condition of the district.


The District Finance Committee shall have the responsibility to review all contracts for District Meetings and Conventions to make sure that they are in the best interest of the District and shall make recommendations for changes when appropriate before they are signed, by the District Governor.


Authorized individuals shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred on district administration business upon receipt, by the district Secretary/Treasurer, of a properly completed and signed voucher accompanied by the proper documentation or report. Reimbursement for mileage shall be at the current Internal Revenue Service mileage rate except that no reimbursement shall be made for district business within the limits of one’s residency. All reimbursement shall be made within the limitations of the budget and available funds.  All requests for expense reimbursement shall be submitted on a district voucher to the Governor for approval, within budgetary guidelines, not later than September 30.  Failure to comply with the above will cause disapproval of said request for reimbursement.


Each club in the district shall pay to the district for each member enrolled at the time, annual dues of $15.00 per member, payable in quarterly amounts on October 1, January 1, April 1, and July 1, subject to the approval of the board of directors of Optimist International and in accordance with the bylaws thereof.

Annual dues payable by a newly affiliated club shall commence on the first day of the third month following that in which such club is officially organized, such payment to be based on the number of members enrolled in the International office on that date.

Full-time college students will pay annual dues of $4.00 a year, payable to the district in three (3) installments as follows: $2.00 on November 1; $1.00 on January 1; $1.00 on March 1. A full-time college student is as defined by the Constitution and by-laws of Optimist International.


Purchases of computer programs, fax machines, etc. shall be considered capitol purchases and must first be approved by the Governor, secretary/treasurer and the finance committee. Those items, if purchased, shall remain the property of the Michigan District. No transaction or contract for capital purchases of more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) may be entered into without the prior review by the finance committee, the district secretary/treasurer and the executive committee.

The District secretary/treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of district assets, and shall provide a copy of the record to the Finance Committee quarterly.


In keeping with the fact that clubs and members benefit from the conduct of the annual convention, the sum of $.75 per member shall be allocated from district dues paid by clubs for each of their members enrolled in the office of Optimist International as of the last dues billing date, which allocation shall supplement convention registration fees for financing the annual district convention.


Registrations: Registrations by phone fax or e-mail shall be recognized as a valid registration. Payments for "early bird" registration must arrive before cutoff date. All registrants will be billed for same if they do not attend the registered event unless notification of non-attendance is received at least 72 hours before the start of the Saturday business meeting.

Refunds: All requests for refunds of prepaid registrations must be made in writing or e-mail by the pre-registered individual. Such requests for refunds must be received by the convention chairperson and/or district secretary/treasurer at least 72 hours before the start of the Saturday business meeting. No refunds of partial registrations shall be honored. The content of this section shall appear on all pre-registration forms.


It shall be the policy of the district administration to present a gift or memento to the retiring Governor and to the official International Representative to the annual convention, the cost of which shall not exceed $200.00 for each.

The immediate past Governor shall be responsible for the selection of such gifts or mementos to the retiring Governor and the Governor shall be responsible for the selection of a gift or memento to the International Representative.


With due respect to the location and duration of the International Convention, the Governor, Governor-designate, secretary/treasurer, and secretary/treasurer designate, shall receive an amount, to be budgeted annually, towards the reimbursement of expenses to attend the International Convention. To qualify for this amount, each must attend and be registered at the full convention and show evidence thereof when submitting his/her expense voucher.


The district administration may maintain a district headquarters or hospitality room at the International Convention. The room rental and reasonable expenses for food and refreshments shall be budgeted and chargeable to account 560 of the standard district chart of accounts, with expenditures not to exceed amounts budgeted and collected specifically for that purpose, and credited to account 180A, International Convention Hospitality.


There shall be established a Restricted Reserve Fund to be maintained by the district secretary/treasurer for the accumulation of certain funds separate and apart from the general operating funds of the district. The Restricted Reserve Fund shall be for the sole purpose of:

  • The purchase of capital equipment for the district.
  • Emergency operating funds.

The Restricted Reserve Fund may be accessed only by action of the District Finance Committee when requested by the Governor. All expenditures from the fund shall be subject to approval by the District Executive Committee.

The Restricted Reserve Fund shall not be allowed to accumulate in excess of $10,000, any excess amount will be returned to the general fund of the District.


D1.  Purpose

The purpose of the District Activities Programs is to generate interest and reward for members and District Youth to participate in District Programs, which will ultimately grow the District.


The district may budget, maintain, and conduct an annual achievement and awards program which shall be prepared and evaluated by the chairperson of the District Achievement and Awards Program  and which shall be presented to the district Executive Committee for final approval at its first quarter board meeting.

The final standings for the District Achievement and Awards Program shall be published for the first quarter meeting of the following administrative year.


Ribbons shall be awarded to the overall winner and Division 1- 5 winners for the scrapbook.  Each club participating in the CPA competition for the ear will receive a ribbon.


Club membership chairpersons shall be recognized for their achievements in gaining honor club status with a certificate from the district.


The district shall conduct both boy's and girl's oratorical contests each year.  The district finals will be held at the time of the third quarter meeting.  The preliminary Area contests will be held by April 30.

Pursuant to the policies of Optimist International, all phases of the District and Area contests shall be conducted in strict compliance with International oratorical rules.

The District is divided into five areas composed of the following zones.

  •  AREA I   - North/Northeast
  •  AREA II  - Central/West
  •  AREA III - Southwest
  •  AREA IV - East
  •  AREA V  - Southeast including the City of Detroit

The specific counties contained in each area may be specified by the Governor-Designate at the District Convention, if changes are proposed for the upcoming year.

Counties are used to make it easier to determine which “Area Contest” an entrant should be attending, regardless of the Zone Number of the sponsoring club.  It shall be based on the sponsoring club's location.

Below are specified counties allocated to each area:

  • Area I – consists of the following 25 counties:  Alcona; Alpena; Antrim; Arenac; Bay; Benzie; Charlevoix; Cheboygan; Clare; Crawford; Emmet; Gladwin; Grand Traverse; Iosco; Kalkaska; Leelanau; Midland; Missaukee; Montmorency; Ogemaw; Oscoda; Otsego; Presque Isle; Roscommon; Saginaw
  • Area II – consists of the following 16 counties: Clinton; Gratiot; Ionia; Isabella; Kent; Lake; Manistee; Mason; Mecosta; Montcalm; Muskegon; Newaygo; Oceana; Osceola; Ottawa; Wexford
  • Area III – consists of the following 13 counties:  Allegan; Barry; Berrien; Branch; Calhoun; Cass; Eaton; Hillsdale; Ingham; Jackson; Kalamazoo; St. Joseph; Van Buren
  • Area IV – consists of the following 10 counties:  Genesee; Huron; Lapeer; Lenawee; Livingston; Oakland; Sanilac; Shiawassee; Tuscola; Washtenaw
  • Area V – consists of the following 4 counties:  Macomb, Monroe, St. Clair, Wayne

Entry fees for the regional and district contest may be charged only to cover the costs involved in operating the contest as long as checks are made payable to the Michigan District Optimists.  Other costs including transportation, food and lodging while at or en-route to the said contests shall be the responsibility of the sponsoring club.

The costs of all district and regional plaques shall be budgeted and reviewed under accounts 140 and 370.  Such items  shall be supervised by the district Oratorical chairperson and accountable to the District Secretary/Treasurer who shall make all purchases and expenditures and record all revenue and expenses.

It shall be the responsibility of the chairperson to submit the required materials and information on contest winners to the International office no later than 30 days following the contest


If a student does not live in an area where there is a local Optimist Club that is conducting an Oratorical Contest, or has limits on the number of participants, the District Chair will let the student know of other Optimist Clubs in their geographic area that are running an Oratorical Contest.  The student can request that the club allow them to participate in the Club contest.  The cost of participating in the Club contest would be borne by the participant.


A district chairperson shall be appointed by the Governor to administer all details of the contest in compliance with Optimist International Rules.

All clubs sponsoring an entrant shall pay an entry fee.  The fee shall be made payable to the Michigan District and given to the contest chairperson in an amount sufficient to cover all expenses incurred by the district in the conduct of the contest.


A district chairperson shall be appointed by the Governor to administer all details of the Junior Golf Competition in compliance with Optimist International Rules. The chairperson shall also establish the district’s standards for conduct of the tournament, although such standards may not supersede the International rules and must be approved by the district Governor.

All clubs sponsoring an entrant shall pay an entry fee made payable to the Michigan District in an amount sufficient to cover all expenses incurred by the district in the conduct of the contest.

The District Chairperson shall raise enough funds through registration fees, club donations, and outside contributions to cover all District Junior Golf Championship Tournament expenses.  If any excess receipts are received they will be carried forward, for necessary pre-tournament expenses, and earmarked specifically Junior Golf for the following year.


E1.  Purpose

The purposes of Michigan District JOOI Administration shall be to provide in cooperation with the Michigan District Administration opportunities for members, individually and collectively, to participate in communities by providing activities, developing leadership abilities and preparing the Youth for responsible roles in society.


A planning committee comprised of the district JOI Clubs chairperson, Governor, JOI Clubs board of directors and JOI Club sponsors and advisors, as the committee deems necessary, shall be responsible for organizing all phases of the conference.

Elections for district JOI Club Officers must be held in accordance with guidelines in District Youth Club Bylaws.

Finances shall be under the control of the District Secretary/Treasurer and JOI Clubs Chairperson.  Income and expenses shall be handled as a pass through to the Michigan District Secretary/Treasurer.

All moneys returned to the district as rebates for holding a Youth Club District Conference or raised through sponsorships are to be used to support District JOI Club Activities.  Any excess funds will be carried forward and earmarked for District JOI Club Activities in account # 143 A.

Funds will be budgeted to assist the District Chairperson(s) with travel expense and housing for both the District Meetings, and District and National Conventions. The chairperson of the JOI clubs shall be included under the line item: Committees; and funded appropriately.